Xbox 360 and Xbox One: What’s the Difference?

Xbox One

The Microsoft Corporation, makers of the famed Xbox series of gaming consoles, has recently announced that the newfangled Xbox One will soon be on the market and available for purchase. If you’ve been wondering what the differences are and whether or not the Xbox One is worth the money, you’ll find all of the answers here.

Changes in Hardware

The most noticeable changes in the newest generation of Xbox consoles are found in the processors. While the Xbox 360 offered users a triple-core Xenos processor—which was excellent technology at the time of release—Microsoft has taken things one step further by offering an awe-inspiring eight-core AMD processor in the Xbox One console. This means that the new console will be able to provide excellent high-definition graphics without any lag, truly bringing next-generation gaming into living rooms all across the country.

Kinect is Mandatory

The Xbox One was designed to be the console of the future, and Microsoft has programmed the device to respond to voice commands through the use of the popular Kinect system. While Kinect was once an optional add-on for Xbox users, it is included in the box with the Xbox One console and allows users to not only play motion-sensitive games, but also to communicate with the XMB via gestures and voice commands. This means that games, movies, music and more can all be stopped, started and even paused with just a simple command.

Cloud Storage Options

In the past, Xbox users have been disappointed with their inability to save their game or place in a movie and then pick it up again on an Xbox at a friend’s house—or even in another room of their own homes. The Xbox One comes with the ability to do all of this, and it also automatically updates games and system software so that users will not be required to wait to play their games the next time they turn on their systems.

Future-Proofed Blu-Ray Playing Ability

One of the things that have really caused Xbox users some problems is the fact that the current Xbox 360 does not support Blu-Ray disc playback. Since this is something that Sony has offered on its PlayStation 3 consoles since their release several years ago, the Xbox One had some catching up to do. Fortunately, Xbox One not only features Blu-Ray playback, but it is also future-proofed so that it can play 4K Blu-Ray discs as soon as they are available on the market. This technology is currently not available to consumers, but it is expected in coming years.

Other Differences

Some other notable differences between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One include the switch from 512MB of RAM to an astonishing 8GB, allowing games and movies to run more smoothly than ever before. The Xbox one also features storage of up to 500GB instead of the maximum 250GB hard drive that is associated with the previous generation console. The Xbox one can be stored laying down or standing on its side, similar to the PlayStation 3, and some tweaks to the controller—such as a built-in battery and ergonomically correct grips—will make it easier for kids and adults alike to use for longer periods of time.

The most prominent difference in the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One is undoubtedly the hardware and storage capabilities. The Xbox One is a much more powerful console that will certainly not let users down. Its aesthetic appeal is futuristic and its ergonomic design will make playing games more comfortable.


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